How To Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick ?

Hello friend's many of you mailed me , messaged me and had many of you who know me personally had called me regarding "How To Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick  on a Non smart Tv or Smart Tv . So Finally i had decided to write something interesting about it.
There are many tv apps which are working flawlessly on amazon tv fire stick but Jio Tv is not working because there are many paid cable operators , Airtel Tv and many other who charges heavily for Cable tv charges while JIO TV is not asking for subscription charges.

How To Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick ?

How To Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick ?

So some videos on Youtube already showing the solutions to this problem with details of the software you had to download on your android mobile phone as well as Amazon Fire Tv Stick.
So why Amazon Tv Stick don't have any application of JIO TV on its platform from where we can download them and play jio tv easily , while it is a must for all the Indians who mostly nowadays using JIO Service as premium in call, data and other Iio fibre services.

Guys it's Simple we all know services like Tata Sky Hd , Airtel Cable Services , Local Cable Operators and other type of cable operators services charged heavily for the same services which are almost free by Jio Tv ,where you can buy a plan for 3 monthts and get complementary Jio Cable Services free. But this competitors cant withstand against JIO and the conflict between Youtube and Amazon is all the biggest reason you cant Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick

Dear Friends it was due to the opposition of such companies like Tata , Airtel and local cable operators who don want Jio to grow fast and other than that there is a clash between Amazon and YouTube or you can say google , where google had their youtube for streaming services and they do not directly want YouTube to have an app on Amazon directly while you can still play them via mozilla firefox or other browser except chrome but cant Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick
How To Play Jio Tv On Amazon Fire Tv Stick ?
Similarly also Amazon don't want their content to play on YouTube and other platforms so that people can buy their media subscription by paying the fees but the loss is for the viewer at-last.
Now Jio Tv wants to give everything free and also wants every Indian to enjoy to the maximum with minimal charges. But problem is if Amazon give Jio Tv app on its firestick it will create problem for its own content as the content by Jio is live streaming of different channels and also who will want to watch Amazon's content.
Also Opposition from different corporate medias like Airtel and Tata Sky is opposing it big time.

Many of you had asked the question " why  we cannot watch Jio Tv on Amazon Fire Tv Stick ?" and " How to watch Jio Tv on Amazon Tv Fire Stick ?"

Conclusion : 

Friends till now you can only use Jio Tv on Mobiles and Pc but on Tv is not available but Soon i am expecting to come a dedicated App from Jio Tv directly on Amazon Fire Tv Stick where you can directly download on the stick and install and play the Jio Tv. But you have to wait for some months as if when Amazon will not allow a direct app than its competitors will already have and Amazon will loose competition in this arena of Media and Channels projects.

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