Hello friends how are you all , i hope you read all my posts regularly and you get help through them and lets discuss it in detail as  How to become a good blogger in the world in 2 months ?

So lets begin step by step towards it.
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 How to become a good blogger in the world in 2 months ?

Step 1 - Believe in yourself

Yes friends if you want to become a blogger or businessman or any damn thing in this world , first of all you have to believe in yourself , no matter where you stands at that point of time in blogging , like even if you're a noob but just believe in yourself that i can achieve the best blogger status one day by hook or crook , i will be there ,just me

Step 2 - Ready for Research

Blogging is just not a thought you want to express in front of the world but it is a collection of knowledge you know which you can share with the world in the best possible way to the point so that they can understand it easily . So word "RESEARCH" is another most important word i keep weight on.You must have proper knowledge of the subject or topic on which your blog is based. Reasearch is necessary so that you can't put incomplete information in front of the world.

Step 3 - Strategic Planning

Yes friends strategy is very necessary before you publish any article , you must have a picture in your mind like for whom your blog addressed to , will my title is most searched title , how to optimize my title so that it can reach to vast number of people througn searches engines , social medias , etc sources.

 How to become a good blogger in the world in 2 months ?

Step 4 - Self Analyses of Blogs from time to time

Do my blog is worthy enough that people gonna read it and subscribe to my blog and curiosly waiting for my another blog
Read your own blog as a reader and ask your self do this is right content which can engage audience and my readers for a long time. Do i am loosing interest in my blogs , if yes than how came other will read it and like it and share it and subscribe it. Minor points are to be self analysed.

Step 5 - Interactive Blogs

Always write a blog which can interact with your audience like which can let your readers in to thinking mode , like they had never read before , sometimes unique , something extravagant , Something which unblock their nerves in mind , After reading your blog ,he or she gets their answer or can raise more question ,which ultimately make them to subscribe to your blogs , make them to ask questions to you in comments or email etc.

Step 6 - Answer the most unanswered

This is related to research again ,do some google , some quora ,some Reddit and find a list of questions which are not answered yet and find the right answer and make a blog out of that question and explain it deeply to your readers , you will start to grow more audience.
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" How to become best blogger in the world in 2 months ?"

Step 7 - Give Happiness to Readers

This world is full of stress , so whenever your reader is coming to your blogs ,he or she must get some relieve from the stress and can remove some anxiety from your blogs , mix it with humor ,jokes in such a way that they can relate themselves to that particular situation and get them selves in comfort zone for a while.

Step 8 - Create a situation in your blog
Make such kind of blogs where you put your reader in a particular situation with questions " Like what will you do when you are in such situation ?" which aggravates your reader as find ways while reading your blog and keep them engaged throughout your blogs.

Step 9- General Knowledge and Current Affairs

General knowledge of the topic or blog you are creating must be necessary , as whatever your topic is you must have 100% knowledge of the subject , otherwise what you will write for your readers who are through your articles

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" How to become best blogger in the world in 2 months ?"

Step 10 - Mastery in Languages

In whatever language you are writing a blog , you must have mastered the language so that you can connect deeply with your readers . It is not necessary you should write your blogs in English only , always use the language in which you can express perfectly to your readers.

Guys if you follow all this points very seriously and a passion to do something in blogging no one can stop you from become best blogger in the world within 6 months

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