Brad Garling House on XRP as Security and Decentralised Coin !

XRP again had its Lawyers clearing the controversory around the coin. This time it was Brad Garlinghousethe CEO and Michael Arrington. Brad Garling House on XRP as Security and Decentralised Coin !

Brad Garling House on XRP as Security and Decentralised Coin !
Brad Garling House on XRP as Security and Decentralised Coin !

Garlinghouse  and Arrington cleared the FUD around XRP relating to Decentralization to Banking
Brad Garlinghouse said about Ripple and blockchain that he  that if one really wants to revolutionises the way payment process tech system it’s not going to happen overnight and as an individual as everyone is not going to give up their existing banking system or infrastructure to take up something new. Already a bitcoin bull news circulating  ,  Garlinghouse told that one single ledger of Bitcoin is not enough to solve all problems of internet and banking. It is where XRP trends into the chart as it had built super tech over the decentralized ledger.

 Adding some cardamom to it he said that the people who hates and blame Xrp and call it a Scam  actually do so is because Ripple is moving ahead day by day and partnered with banks instead of replacing them.

Arrington founde of Arrington XRP Capital, defending XRP as they are invited on Tech Crunch’s Disrupt SF 2018. Adding flavor to this, XRP  was also showcased with a great news as SAP is already started testing  XRP ledger.

He answered to one question about the decentralization, He utters the XRP ledger is completely Decentralised and Ripple cannot control that ledger.

Note : All the thoughts are my personal so make your own research before investing in any crypto currency , I am not a financial advisor nor an expert

 He add some pizza Cheesy toppings saying that Ripple only holds 7% of all public nodes on the ledger Contrary to China where 3 miners hold 50% of bitcoin nodes making Bitcoin more centralized than XRP. He said there is a FUD in the market that Ripple could block or roll back a transaction which was completely a myth. 

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As per Brad  the FUD of wrong information is creating a lot of zigzags . TO show the bullies mirror  Garlinghouse even give a weight saying  that if Ripple shuts down tomorrow the XRP ledger would continue to operate because it was independent.

Answered on  XRP being a security, Garlinghouse said that a security gives center rights to the holder such as dividends, ownership and voting rights. He again gives chilli sauce to haters saying if one buys XRP he doesn’t get any rights with respect to company Ripple. He told to ask those  who call XRP a security

Details of how and what SAP is working on were unavailable but than also this announcement definitely is a big positive for XRP. If this  implementation of XRP goes successful, Xrp will reach every company and every user that uses the SAP system.
Cleaning the FUD confusions and finding a huge use case could be the best news XRP could get in near furure. The coin has got their favorites  irrespective of market sentiment on the dilemma that whether it is a security or not and this news should at least bring some harmony to stressed souls
Xrp will do what is best for world , are you in or just scratching the mirrors ?

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