My horror pain experience of Kidney Stone

Hello mates I am today want to share my Kidney Stone experience which I got yesterday and it was one of the worst pain I had yesterday, this is in the morning time yesterday when I got wake-up and felt mild pain near abdomen near the groin , I thought it will go away by self. My horror pain experience of Kidney Stone 

I prepared tea and omelette for my self where pain was just mild , I have done my breakfast now and watching news channels on television, suddenly I felt something is moving in my back side to groin toward bladder. The pain increased so much I just can't tolerate and decided to go the emergency room alone in my car.
 I vomit once in hospital and doctor gave me pain killer Dynapar Injection and also an injection which can stop  vomitting further.

Doctor told me to do a sonography untill that we like me and doctor is unaware what this pain comes from. So my sonography is done and 2 kidney stones found in report, one of which 5 mm in right kidney in middle calyx and one of 6mm in ureter. Yesterday was a very bad day for me as I am feeling so much sick and don't either pee even I want to but stone in the ureter just stopped the urine ,
In the report comes out mild hydropherenosis which is giving me this pain.

Doctor had prescribed me antibiotics with all kind of medicine to break the stone in to pieces and stop pain further. He send me home with 2 injections and medications for around 5 days of course which I have to complete in order to get relief.
Now I was at home feeling very weak and sweating profusely and also feeling worst. Hadn't eat a single biscuit and at noon I got a vomit again and than I decided to doctor again and he gave me painkiller injection again and told me your condition is ok ,it doesn't seems to me that you got to admit in hospital , I follow his words and came back home eating some fruits and chapati.
Slowly my pain goes down and I was able to sleep  and found my self better but mild pain was there so I think it may be gone completely in few days and I am hoping for the best.

Friends kidney stone pain is the worst pain and if you think you have even mild pain don't heal by own , give a doctor visit and he will cure it with antibiotics and injections as soon as possible.
This is my experience which I want to share ,if you had experienced pain please write in comment box ...
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