Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2018-2019

Blogging is a very good platform to present your thoughts or help others through blogging , why according to me blogging platform is a best option to choose in year 2018 and 2019 & Why it is the best time to create wonderful blogs. Blogger from all around the world are doing blogging and many of them are famous in this field , now many of you say it is too late to start the blogging as market is full of bloggers ,but every one got the unique style of blogging ,every body had something to give to the society in the form of ideas and help .So lets discuss Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2018-2019

Now if they can become blogger and make wonderful blogs why not you can , don't get demotivated by others , what ever language you know give it your hand because you never know you may get successful in giving something to society and more and more people will join you as the time passes.

You can have multiple ideas for your blogging topics or you can write on your skills like technology, sports blogs, science , handicrafts, or any field you know you can share knowledge on precisely and deeply.

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Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2018-2019

Some things are very important while making a blog such as

a) all the points are covered related to topic

b) Information must be latest and updated

c) Proper sharing is necessary on all social medias to initially share your blog to many people

d)Give it a hand on basic skills of SEO

e) Nice images related to blogs topic must be attached

f) Write more and more blogs with good content
Some of these point should be covered to begin with as a blogger .

g) Never stop blogging write continuously as you eat , drink and sleep , consistency is the key to success

h) Take time to publish your blog after checking it thrice for the grammatical mistakes , and any other wrongly written words.

i) Publish your blog daily at the same time so that google bot can understand that you daily publish post and at what time

j) Optimize your image like putting Title in properties and Alternative text "Alt Text" ~ referring to image what is it all about

k) Choose your topic you know well and with whom you can help others or can connect in an easy way

l) Bold the keywords on which your blog is all about

m) Try to improve your writing skills with every blog posts you write

Simply ask your self and analyze it again and again with every blog posts.

Things to avoid writing a blog in 2018-19

1) Never Post adult content

2) Don't copy paste others blog

3) Make blog as per your knowledge and skills only

4)Don't copy others images in blogs

Some points like this should be covered

Why I am saying 2018 and 2019 are best years for blogging because everyone is looking for knowledge from internet for some or other things and want to have experience through others , so they will find it easily on internet and get the help easily and also people like to read more in this era than ever before .

Some of the trending topics you can make blog in 2018-19 are as follows

1) Cinema
2) Sports
3) Science and Technology
4) Arts
5) Website design Education
6) Cooking
7) Handicrafts
8) Gaming
9) History blogs
10) Festivals
11) Industries
12) Medicine
13) Singing
14) Teaching as Mentor
15) Travelling

There are " N " number of topics which you can choose and can become successful writing a blogs in 2018-2019

Yes friends this types of blogs will help you grow if you have passion and dedication towards your work.

Now as you start to write this things you should take care of and analyse the situation

1) Get various ideas from your audience or see which is the most asked questions on social media

2)Understand your audience what are their questions and what topic they want answers from you which they don't know

3)Write for yourself first like anything, your hobbies , your passion, your skills , your knowledge whatever you want to share with them

4)Track your email list or the number of subscribers to your channel and make changes accordingly as to what topic and blogs or techniques can increase my subscribers

5)Give value to your readers as to write blogs on their demand , give prompt answers to their questions in comment box and help them in any possible way

6)Ask your readers to share your work on various social medias like Twitter , Facebook ,Google+ etc at the end of the blog like 

Example : Hello readers if you like my work please share it to others through various social medias

7)Always give free content to your readers which can build faith towards you and make an emotional attachment for you and become your loyal subscribers ultimately

8)Be consistent in writing blogs on various topics as much as possible .

9) Write Catchy headlines

10) Be always stays true to yourself , people always like to follow people than websites

11) This world will give you what you will give to the world .
like give time to your blogs one day they will give you returns , dont loose patience..

12) keep your blogs short and simple

13)Make your post more practical if you are not a fantasy blogger...

These points if you will research and apply in your every blog , nobody can stop you from making successful..

Best Blogging Tips for Bloggers in 2018-2019

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