Always Be Ready to Help Others

Hello friends, how are you all, today's topic is " ALWAYS BE READY TO HELP OTHERS "

Why I choose this topic because we all at some point in time got help from someone, and if that someone was not there we haven't be able to rescue us from a particular situation.
You might be thinking what this topic can help others or do this topic is even to have some discussion about. I will only say that just remember the day when you got help from someone or you have helped others.
We as human beings must be freed from caste, creed and religion to bring some good help to others because if you think that way you can only be able to help few people.
Help is not only for human, we should also help animals who even can't ask for help and God had given us human avatar to understand the suffering of animals and help them with the best possible option.
We all live in this world which creates different problems for different people, but all don't have the guts and sometimes skills to rescue them through their hardships and sufferings.
If you have skills to solve other problems use them when needed, don't wait whenever got a situation just help. In life, you may find bad people, criminal minded people, etc but if you follow your path of rescuing others, again and again, one day you will get that enlightenment which you are finding for years.
Sometimes you may also get the thought why to help others if everybody is selfish. Ok at least than try with helping kids who are selling things on roadside , homeless kids , help some with an umbrella and rain coat in rainy season , give someone muffler and jackets in winter and help someone in summer by giving  water and terrace .
We all can't be same in our helping nature but by being different type of helpers also we are creating a formation of good people in the society which will grow slowly in to a big universe of lights and gratitude.
We all gonna live maximum 100 years but in that limited time if we forgot our duty to create the atmosphere of gratitude and helping service we haven't done nothing in life. Even if you get all the leisure of life but you can enjoy it to maximum 100 years but of you have lived a life of a saviour you will die happily , your purpose to be on the earth is not failed .Every body is living for themselves now at least try to live for others .
One day your deeds will seen by God and than you know miracles will happen which you haven't believe in your life. He is testing you so be a better student to become a better teacher one day....That's All
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