Points To Follow To Become Most Successful You tuber In The World?

I will teach you how you can top in the chart of you tuber in your country or the whole world

Points To Follow To Become Most Successful You tuber In The World?

Just follow this points step by step to become famous you tuber in the whole world which is as follows.

#1 Create a Gmail account.

#2 Signup for a youtube account

#3 Most Important part now is to choose the category on which you gonna to make a youtube channel.
e.g Vlogs, News Channel, Acting, Comedy, Singing talent, Engineering, technology etc, means whatever your hobby is and what you do like the most or which skills you have the most because that thing must entertain or give some knowledge to the people, whatever content you are making

#4 Now as per skills, likeliness or hobby create a good attractive and unique channel name.

#5 Here you Go YouTube Channel is Created, Now Don't be in too much hurry to upload videos.

#6 Now whatever topic you are making videos on doing 200% research whatever topic is, even if you make comedy videos find punches that will make laugh to your video viewers and keep entertaining the viewers throughout the video or if the informative video  that because your video should not have incomplete information.

#7 Here comes the important point where you have to give a perfect title to your video and tags , so that whenever Viewer search the same topic it will in there top view list , this thing is not guaranteed but you must not forget to this important steps like TITLE , DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO, TAGS.

#8 Now let's assume you have made a finest video but it is your first video on your youtube channel, here you start the youtube package with an most eye catchy thumbnail related to the topic, like whenever your viewer see it , he or she will can't resist to click on it. 

#9 Now you have done the basic and most important things minutely by giving Title , Tags, Video Description, next point is very important 

#10 Never Make Click Bait Title , Clickbait Image , or Description as it can bring views on your video 1st time but the audience is more intelligent than you, you can't cheat them for long and they will not come to your channel again neither they will subscribe.

#11 Now also the most important time is the time of publishing the video, like choose the time when there is holiday or evening time when everybody is free and watching youtube mostly. This important time will nobody will tell you

#12 In Your Youtube Creator Studio, there are different options like the Live stream , Channel etc, learn about them more precisely and in detail and learn maximum about youtube policies to make your channel safe from demonetisation and termination.

#13 What is most  important is your Content.

#14 Content is whatever topic you are choosing it should be best , when youtube audience sees your video they want to subscribe your channel without being telling them " Please subscribe to my youtube Channel"

#15 Your Audience should wait for your next video , create such curiosity in your videos , what ever you are making or give minute information of trailer of your next upcoming video to your subscribers.

#16 Create powerful videos on regular basis at the same time, same day again and again which will create a habit for your subscribers to wait for your videos.

#18 Slowly and Steadily your work will be shared on social medias by your subscribers and you will get viral and one day you will become Successful or Best you tuber in the world.


All the Best friends nothing is impossible if you can see the dream and step ahead carefully in the direction of success, smartly and by hard work.

My next blog will bring you something very interesting for you ...

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