One Stormy Cold Night

This story is about me and my experience on one cold stormy night with mild snowfall in my city.
I was late from my job waiting for my bus to pick me up . The weather had suddenly changed since evening and i dont have my cold weather jacket and muffler with me.
A hut in a stormy weather
One stormy Cold Night 

I was working at McDonalds in Newyork City. The shop was just closed and all my work colleagues had got on their bus . I am living in a village 50 kms away from Newyork City . I dont have any job at that time so i joined this job and was a good employee over there.

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Now as the night approaches ,Macdonalds shutter is down and me and my best friend Kittalmo just stand on the bus stand waiting for Bus to arrive.
Kittalmo father's arrived to pick him up and he told me to stay a his house for a night untill the weather got cool down but i told him no ,that i will get my bus in 15 minutes and than it's all done for me.
Now all had gone the street was empty as all the human beings gone to their shelter only few homeless was roaming on street whom also going to their hand made shelter outside home. I was little worried as it almost 15 minutes gone and bus is not arrived.
It was a very cold night and i am very hungry as it is already 5 hours since i grabbed a bite. I want my dinner but Bus is still not arrived.
Police patrol was roaming near me and want to help me but i replied i am ok and Bus will arrive soon. To my surprise Bus arrived, and i take heavy breathe and enter the bus with a sigh.
Now only 5 people was there i  the Bus who lived in towns before my Stop, or you can say my town was the last Stop for the Bus.
We now leaved Newyork City and was in the outer area of Newyork and the Bus got stopped due to engine problem. While the weather become more harsh and the place it get stopped is very dark and haunted.
We decided to stay in the Bus but Driver and the conductor told us not to worry they will manage the problem and soon they will leave for village.
The Driver is trying to fuel the engine with oil but the radiator dont respond and we got stucked in that position and we all 3 working people are very worried as the storm getting bigger and temperature is going below zero degree celcius and we are without any jackets and mufflers to stand against this kind of worst weather.
To our surprise conductor told us Bus is ready to run. We got relief as the heater in the Bus starts and give us some warmth till we reach our home. Now all the doors of the bus was closed and slowly we are reaching towards our home one by one. All the passengers had left and it was almost half way down to my village and again the Bus Stopped due to trees fall down in our way .We move outside and 3 of us moved outside , i gave an idea to put the rope on tree head side and move the bus backwards which was ultimately was a successful idea.
Now again we started our journey and finally i reached my village where my wife and daughter is waiting for me in anxiety and they got releif too. Me with my family ate dinner at 11 in night and closed all the windows and run the heater to get some warmth and good sleep.
That was a terrible night i feel and i want to share the experience with you and will bring more of this in future..

One Stormy Cold Night - Story Teller
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