Why XRP/Ripple will be number ONE Cryptocurrency in 2019 ?

Hello friends ,I am not a crypto expert neither any financial advisor . But I am a  person who thinks logically and make close assumptions on the basis of my instincts and sixth sense.

The world is coming much closer and connected in this era due to internet and new technology invention day by day , and we are also habituated to accept them fast. Those who lags with time will stay behind .

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Now talking about one such invention is "XRP " which is a crypto currency and a technology which will be a future technology for Banks making infinite numbers of transaction cross border in seconds and Brad Garlinghouse  is successful in describing it's usefulness to the world .


Many banks of different countries around the world is accepting the " Xrp i.e X -Rapid technology very fast as it gives
upper hand to them against Swift which is being used mostly right now in present times ,but Swift's future is in danger as it's the trend we are seeing from ancient times "old technology is replaced by new for more convenience of human kind".

Similar it's the time of Crypto currency called XRP and coming future is totally based on XRP for cross border transactions in seconds and digital virtual currency for transactions related to property ,insurance , Shopping etc. XRP will change future of many people who always saw the dream of millionaire one day . So grab many bags of XRP as fast as you can when the price is down , but do your own research because i am not a financial advisor nor any crypto expert

Guys don't fall or lag behind in this fastest moving world , so be on the train of Crytocurrency before it leaves the station

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