We live in a world of fantasies and we always have  fantasy to be a super hero or a hero at least in Hollywood industry.Every one had their own favourites. Here I am covering the same topic about my favorites.
When I was a kid in 90s , i grown up as an Arnold Swaznegger and Sylvester Stallone fan , later i like Jason Statham , Dwayne Johnson but they all are action heroes.
After 21 years of age i am aware of the word called " Acting " as i am more focused on the character played by the actor rather than action and less dialogues and expressions.
I had seen Titanic before but haven't focused on the acting part but again when I crossed my 20s , Titanic is a different film for me altogether, as i noticed the acting part by Leonardio Caprio and started liking him as an actor.
Now i am in to his movies and mostly watched all of them , than give a thought to another actors like Leo from Old tines and to my curiosity i started watching old movies with more than "8" imdb rating and my love for them increases and watched all the movies and find some actors which are more superior than Leocaprio
To my list i added these 3 actors which i found best of all
1) Tom Hanks
2) will Smith
3) Leonardio caprio
These 3 actors from hollywood had different way of presenting a character and they do them like no one can do.

                 TOM HANKS

Tom Hanks for Saving Private Ryan, Sully , Cast Away , Terminal , The Green Mile , Captain Philips , Forest Gump etc.
Will Smith for The pursuit of Happiness , Ali, Independence day, I am legend , Hancock , Robot 
,Concussion etc.
Leonardo Caprio for The Aviator, Blood Diamond , Titanic , Inception, The revanant, Shutter Island and many more...
These 3 actors have created a deep impact in my mind and i never forget to watch their movies first day first show...
Please comment your favorites Hollywood stars with their movies in comment section
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