"One blind Goggle" is my thought over poor people, Stray animals, the insensitivity of people towards them.
We all live on earth in a vast multiverse where there are infinite galaxies and stars and planets. We are nothing but God's creation with a limited life in which we make boundaries of caste, religion and many small things which are uncountable. We all need food, water and terrace to living a normal life.
But we don't think of feelings of others who are living a hell on this earth, they are stray animals as well as poor people living in third world Countries. We only think about our family and our comfort. We always make a blind eye to poor and stray animals.
Once I going on the road seeing a dog eating cow dung, my heart melts and eyes filled with tears and seen poor small children doing labour work in full-grown summer, again I cried inside my self with black Glasses on my eyes. All I want to say that if we help each other by donating some amount to the food, education and home for the poor ones and adopt the stray dogs at least, the problem will get solved.
To all the developed European Countries and Asian countries and all the parts of the world, why we are putting sunglasses towards them or make a blind eye towards them. I know many people around the world who do charity and welfare of poor people and stray animals and help them in each possible way out.
My question is why not everybody around the world who is capable enough to help those living beings are doing the same thing. Before you spent on costly things in your life, think once to put some money aside for those less fortunate to help them in one way or another.
Sitting in your air-conditioner mansion and watching movies will not solve this issues, your life is not for yourself or your enjoyment, its existence is to help others and bring some smile and moments of joy for them too. Please see your surroundings and observe the pain and sorrow they are going through and if you help them by any means, it will give you peace to your heart and enlighten your soul.
I am not only writing this and giving you suggestion, I am doing this thing for others and I found peace in another joy.
It's up to you whether you want to do it or not but a small help every day either to poor people, poor kids, poor stray dogs, animals etc will bring some beauty on this earth.
 Help them they are innocent 😭
They can't speak

They need us

Kids are near to god

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