Chicken Tandoori Leg Masala Recipe in An Oven

Hello Friends, how are you all ? I assume you all are fine.
Today i will teach you , " How to make Chicken Tandoori Leg Masala" at home .
Here are the ingredients which is to be used while making "Tandoori Chicken Leg Masala"
2 - 3 fresh boiled chicken pieces which are rinsed thoroughly with salt water.
~one big table teaspoonful of red Chilli
~one big table teaspoonful of yellow
haldi powder
~Salt according to taste
~ 1 big cup of Curd
~ 1 small bowl of lemon juice
~ 1 big cup of vinegar
~ 4 onions chopped properly
~ 1 big teaspoon Chicken masala for tandoori
Now mix all the ingredients completely with each other and make a paste and Simply apply the paste to Chicken legs which are already boiled in Salt water.
Now put the Chicken legs in to Oven for any hour at medium temperature
after wrapping in to foil of silver.
Now just Stop the oven ,Bring the plater out and it is ready to serve .
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