Call of Duty Vs Battlefield - My Childhood Favorite Games

Gaming industry is booming day by day , new games with ultra heavy graphics are implemented in upcoming games which is very difficult to differentiate with real life . But the most important thing is gameplay or the nostalgia you feel when playing such games.Two of such games are "Call of duty Vs Battlefield"
Today i am talking about two of the famous games which evolves in late 90s and early  2000s and make fanboys over night as the title suggest , this two games had comparision between fanboys for their graphics and game play.
As a kid i used to play both of the games and liked both . I had played this games from rookie to Veteran level many times.
Talking about favorites in the series , i just loved Call of duty 4 , which is one game in series which brings in gameplay advance weapons with advnace warfare missions . My favorite character is Captain Price and Makarov around whom the story evolves and it's last part where i had to hit the bald guy with the gun is unforgettable. Cod Black Ops series is too nostalgic ,remember each and every mission . I give 5/5 to these COD games
Now again Battlefield 3 and 4 is my favorite for its real time graphics and crisp gameplay which is easily optimised for playing on mid range pc specs and platforms. I enjoyed those two games very much and had played them many times .Those games are priceless.
I also played many games like Farcry series, Assassins Creed all chapters , and many others but COD and Battlefield had special place in my heart..
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