Why Salman Khan Rules Bollywood ?

Bhaijaan !! The name is enough in Bollywood and undoubtedly the most handsome man in India ever.

Talking about his journey from Maine Pyar Kiya till date , one thing is very common about him , he hadn't change as a person , he was a down to earth person from the beginning till now.
why i am saying this is because everyone is saying this. 

He was the man from India who had given inspiration to the youth of India to stay fit and make six pack abs. 

His another dimension is of a man who owns a heart of gold and no doubt in it ,he helps everybody who is in need irrespective of their religion.

When his movie releases people talk about 300 cr. , 400 cr. and goes on and he had outnumbered his own box-office figure with his new releases. 
Tiger Zinda Hain is one of his successful ventures . Now every one is eyeing on Eid Which will again will be an All Time Blockbuster.

There are jealous Celebs also who want to put him down but he raises against all odds and always give their haters a tight slap in their face.

I am a fan of Salman khan like others but i am not biased , i feel what i sees and i write them , .

Salman Khan was also a controversial man but he media is more responsible for that than Salman Khan. A quote from Hindi fits here " राई का पहाड़ बना देना " which inturn makes Salman more popular.

Its fourth Generation of youth and he is still attracting audience is the biggest proof , why Salman khan rules Bollywood.

I always want him to rule.....