Who Is Lord Shiva ??

As a Human Being we all have curiosity who Owns the world.
We read books , Search internet, Ask experts and religious priests but we are unable to get our answer.

The reason we don't know or can even find the answer is because the software of our body is not designed to know it  or if possible its next to impossible. So always a question pops up in our mind sometimes than how this creation is working , but the answer remains unanswered. But some experiences of ours gives us a hint of the creator of the Universe and we walk on that experiences and share them with others too. So here I am sharing my thoughts and experiences about creator or you can say Shiva .

Now as the Title Says " Who is Lord Shiva ? I want to tell my experiences about creator or Shiva. In Hinduism Shiva is the superior Of all or Adiyogi who is doing meditation from infinite time , and is detached to time because he himself is time

Now Creator of the Universe had made this world of infinite Galaxies and multiverse just to entertain himself. Like when we play an open World Game, we play as a character or we handle the character and story with the click of our mouse , Remote or keyboard.

On broader aspect Shiva is also doing the same thing just to entertain himself by creating this world.
Try to be at your terrace at night laying down looking at the sky very deep, you will see stars , N number of stars whom you can never count. With eyes you had limited access to them.

Now here comes the hint for you , when you use some sort of costly camera with digital zoom of say 40x , you can see them better and in more detail, using a ultra costly telescope you can see other planets too and another galaxies which are way too away from our reach.

Now Shiva is a destination and camera, Telescope or other equipments are our way of communicating with Shiva , it's like stages of meditation when you meditate in beginning you will see some minute hints , than as your meditation becomes deeper every day, months and years you will have clear picture of it and when you find the perfect equipment to See the whole world or Shiva , you will become One...
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