Top 5 Actors in Bollywood - April 2018

Bollywood is all about money game now , there are very bad to very Good actors in industry but it doesn't matter to Audience , as all audience wants is masala entertainment.

very few percentage of audience loves the word acting and respect actors who lives acting in their blood.

Here is a list of my 5 favourite actors from Bollywood

Kay Kay Menon
I felt in love with this man's acting when i had watched "Shaurya"
Thereafter many films of him like Gulaal , Vodka Diaries, Haider , Etc.

Abhay Deol
From Sochana Tha to Manorama Six feet Under , he deserves oscar for his every act. And Manorama Six Feet Under is one of his finest work till date. Don't know why he stop choosing such projects..

Akshay Khanna
Most underated actor of Bollywood whom i think is the most deserving actor right now. He is very calm actor. I loved his act in Taal , Doli Saja Ke rakhna, Dil Chahta hain.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui
If i will not take his name it would be unjustice , he acts and his comic timing is just excellent , there are N number of roles of Nawaz which are unforgettable

Last in the List
Ajay Devgan
He is one of the finest main lead actor who never overacts and speaks with eyes. I loved most of Ajay's Film and always waiting for his new releases.
Loved Gangajal and Raid though.

Here is the list of my favorites, list your 5 favourite from Bollywood in Comment Box..