My Coffee in London on one rainy day

It was a friday afternoon it was half day at job i am returning home , it was around 2:30 and a bit of drizzle atmosphere with temperature is -4 degree celcius and it was a quite dark afternoon.

The bus drop me at stand , from there on it was a walking distance of 2 km to my home. I was in my 30s and Single and a bachelor. I was quite a romantic man but don't find a girlfriend or you can say doesn't find one of my type .

Just i had walked to half mile , i saw a coffee shop with transparent glass which i often avoid to go, but don't know what happened that day i thought to have a cup of coffee , i enter the coffee shop and order 1 for me to give my body warmth on such a cold afternoon.

Hotel California is the song playing in the coffee shop and it was one of my favorite song i used to listen in my school days. After some time a beautiful girl of around 23 entered the coffee Shop with an Umbrella.
She smiled at me but i was bit hesitate to give her a smile back, to my surprise she come to me and asked my permission to join the table , and how can i say no to such a gorgeous damsel .I stand and give her chair with respect.

She ordered Sandwich and Coffee for her but i insist her that i will  pay het bills , she had a naughty smile and started looking downwards. Few minutes later our order was at our table . She asked me about life and dondo know why i like a parrot started uttering everything about me , even i told her i am single and had no girlfriend till now.

She started appreciating about my way of talking and the respect i had given her. we sit their for hour and exchange numbers.

Me on the way to home was only thinking about that girl and even when i closed my eyes i see her face, their is an urge inside me to meet her again but haven't called her

It was another week of the rainy season , sky is almost dark with slight drizzle and just reached the busstand at 2:45 on that day and moving towards the coffee shop with a hope to meet her again i decided to have a coffee again and to my surprise she enters the coffee Shop again and given the same order again and the same talk happened between us , but this time i collected courage to ask her for dinner and she replied in yes instantly.

We met at dinner in a nice restaurant and i proposed her for marriage , she hesistate for few seconds and looked left and right and accept my proposal.

Guys She is my wife today and it is my sweet love story..

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