My review of One Plus 6 after 1 month of Usage

My review of One Plus 6 after 1 month of Usage
The version of the Neplus phone is very stable, and the more OnePlus 2, the more tired of the story. This flagship phone does not require a basic level of cost. (The name "Master of Killer" is dead, thank God.) We are now accepting this basic rule and no longer make the OnePlus phone more interesting. So you have to make a separate phone to get some good and exciting stuff, and not just a phone is mostly competing at a lower price.

After considering all 6 OnePlus for 6 weeks I used about OnePlus - because there seems to be OnePlus other people on the phone's face and wonder if there is more. In many ways, it's similar: OnePlus is here to try and really play the system. However, with some strategic and more attention to improve granularity, OnePlus has mastered the winner.

OnePlus 6 is OnePlus' first mobile phone, and X doesn't look boring. Compared to the six OnePlus 5Ts, construction and materials have only impr…

Who is Creator of Universe ?


Hi all , as you have already read the title , i want to begin it with zero , as when i was in my teens , i always thought what is their if nothing was there. Means if nothing was there planets ,Stars ,darkness even Space. This questions come to me often and i think about it deeply by various logics and my own beliefs. 
But as we all know even Scientists are searching this and had put light in past on this topic but even they had not succeeded
Now the question also arises that if nothing was there like i had mentioned above , even I was not there who is asking the question to himself ,than what are possible assumptions or theory behind it. 
As we all know even we say that Space was not their , if their is vaccuum means it should also be a part of space
Example : If we create a Vaccuum in a steel bottle like their no air ,no sound but even than Space will be there.
So what i found after my 1000s logic that this question is not imposs…

Millionaires and Billionaires are made by Self Belief and Self Realization

Millionaires and Billionaires are made by Self Belief and Self Realization
Yes, it's a fact Millionaires and Billionaires are made by Self Belief and Self Realization. We as human beings had evolved and made so many inventions. We created the need, We can see things, We can observe and we can feel. In the morning when we wake up, do daily routine and went to Job, Business and our mind start to think. Future proof gaming pc When looking at our history we will find very few billionaires and millionaires are made overnight, but the majority of them had some or other idea and the urge of implementation of the same immediately.
It's a saying fortune favors the Brave. Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie, Warren Buffet, etc are at this Position because of their decisions and vision to accomplish that decision at any cost. A very good example:
There are two students when asked by Professor about a glass filled with water as what their perspective about the glass One said " it's half f…

Uttarakhand Pauri Garhwal Bus Accident full report

Uttarakhand Pauri Garhwal Bus Acccident Full report A big accident in Uttarakhand: A bus collapsed, 45 killed, Out Prime Minister Modiji  expressed sadness over the incident
Here is the full report of the accident : It was a big accident this morning in Uttarakhand. A bus fell into a ditch on the Pipali-Bhoan motorway in NainiDanda block. Many passengers have died in this accident. According to the report,  it was just going to Ramnagar from Bhoan. Just near the Gwyn Bridge, the bus fell unconscious and fell into the trench.
This is about 15 kilometer ahead of accident.

According to report received from Disaster Control Room, 45 people dead  in which 44 people died at Spot. One died at Dhakkot Hospital. The bus, which has fallen into a ditch, is being reported with number U.K. 12C/0159.

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It is being told that it was just 28 seater and due to being overloaded, it fell down in Sanguri Gadere "rainy Drain area" about 60 meters below the road. T…

How to build a best Gaming PC in 2018 which Can handle all your Games for next 5 years

Market is full of different types of computer parts like graphics card, ram, motherboards, Monitor , Psu etc.
The lover of gaming or Gamers have a question in present that how to build a gaming PC in 2018 which can play all my games for next 5 years.

The answer to this is very simple
and Sweet:

Graphics Card : Choose either of the two brand Nvidia or Ati Radeon Now Select the best reviewed graphics card of the two brands according to the world wide user experience and its specifications. My two favorites are given below you can also choose one  them according to your choice.Currently Nvidia and Amd are providing best graphics unit which are acclaimed world wide and can be used for online and offline gaming with maintaining good fps rate and smooth gaming

My choice :

What CPU is Best for Gaming ? Next important thing is CPU
For high end gaming i will always prefer you costly CPU …

How to start a new business and grow business successfully ?

Everyone who wants to do business always thinks this two things
1)How to start a new business
2)How to grow business successfully

In this world, everything sells, even you can sell soil, all you need marketing strategies and confidence. But I want to elaborate this points in deep in context to the Business point.

Two kinds of people exist in this world
One who likes to do 10 to 6 Job
Second who wants to run their own Business

Majority of them are doing the job but what about who is doing the job and but always wants to work for themselves rather than others. We will discuss it in detail here


All businessman should have to ask themselves one questions before they start a new business as
"What Business to Start?
What Business will give me more profit??
What Business will use my skills 100%?
What are pros and cons of the particular business?
Will this Business get outdated in long run or the product or service…

How to cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome Permanently ? | Symptoms of IBS

Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome for permanent, yeh it is possible to do it. All ailments come from  Stomach and bad eating habits

SOLUTION TO CURE IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME PERMANENTLY ARE AS FOLLOWS 1) Do deep observation of what you eat daily very carefully 2) Most of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome occurs from DAIRY FOODS
So avoid them 3)Eat food like a cow or buffalo means " Chew them into pieces before ingesting " 4)Take high fibre diet which helps in controlling high blood sugar and soften stools


5) Daily physical activity for 20-30 minutes like aerobic activities 6) Stress is the biggest culprit, so relax and be stress-free which will bring better mental health. 7) Take food such as whole grains, fibres, fruits, beans, vegetables 8)Body Massage helps to relax blood vessels which in turn give better blood flow through veins keeping the system reboot and relax Also, don't forget to know what are symptoms of Irri…